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Superheroes take public transportation, too

In movies and comic books, superheroes fly over cityscapes, ready to rescue helpless citizens from crime. In Washington, D.C., they travel on the sides of buses.

John Magary and Bernita Dinwiddie are dashing through streets and avenues of the nation’s capital and metropolitan region, making sure everyone knows they are there to provide support and resources that help children graduate from high school and live up to their full potential, regardless of economic or family issues.

Magary and Dinwiddie are two of the five Communities In Schools site coordinators whose hard work and dedication to students at risk of dropping out were honored last October during a ceremony on Capitol Hill that was attended by prominent legislators and policy makers. The five Communities In Schools site coordinators don’t wear capes or masks and don’t rescue anyone from evil villains. But what they are doing, day after day, is equally important. They are called the Unsung Heroes, and now, finally, their praises are being sung.

All five of the Heroes – Bernita Dinwiddie, John Magary, Deb Yarbrough, Louis DesChamps and Robin Haggard – represent the hundreds of Communities In Schools site coordinators who effect positive change for the nation’s students and schools most in need.

The larger-than-life Unsung Heroes’ faces are on billboards affixed to the side of buses and in bus shelters in the D.C. public transit system, and on highway billboards in Georgia, Kansas and New Orleans. The ads,* designed by Levine & Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based creative firm, are being used in a public awareness campaign coordinated by the Communities In Schools national office in cooperation with the Georgia and Kansas state offices and local affiliates in New Orleans and the nation’s capital. The campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donations of several partners that provided pro bono ad placements.

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*The Communities In Schools Unsung Heroes ads won a platinum award in the Advertising/Ad Campaign category of the Hermes Creative Awards.

Published in the July 2011 issue of “Inside CIS”