Protest sign against the border wall.


So, our beloved new president wants to build a border wall that will cost about 14 billion and the funny thing is that he still doesn’t know how to pay for it — Mexico certainly won’t. Whether the money is taken from the taxes we file every year or we pay an extra 20% tax on Mexican imports, it’s still our money, and there are more urgent things we could spend it on — things that benefit us the people, like universal healthcare or free tuition at public colleges and universities. Let’s tell him that we don’t want our tax money to go towards his freaking wall! Hopefully there will be mass protests around the country to get the message across. Building a wall along the border divides people instead of uniting them. There are other ways to fight illegal immigration, such as a comprehensive immigration reform that makes legal immigration easier. People have the right to move freely around the world and live wherever they please.

For only $10, you’ll download a high-quality 18×24 PDF that you can print out at actual size or shrink as you see fit and use as a protest sign or a poster.

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