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Park Gothic — A Condominium by Night

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This started as a project for my night/low light photography class.

My concept is “From Park Glen to Park Gothic”. “Park Glen” is the name of the garden community where I live. It’s an average suburban community with several small brick apartment buildings in a park across from the Four Mile Run trail in Arlington, VA. Despite its proximity to the woods, Park Glen doesn’t look scary or threatening during the day. Quite the contrary. It’s a pretty nice and bucolic place to live at. However, when I started getting around at night to shoot my assignments for the class, I realized it was transformed. Sometimes you’re just too busy or in a rush to get home and you don’t notice the creepy shadows on the buildings, or how everything is immersed in a surreal light that literally changes the face of even the most familiar things. With this project, I wanted to document how low light, darkness and artificial light alter your familiar surroundings and your perception of them, transforming an ordinary suburban garden community into a surreal, eerie, mysterious, solitary and almost lifeless place.

Eventually, I gathered the best pictures and made an electronic book out of them.


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