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CTRL Logo and Collateral

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It was established that the colors for the logo had to be the AU blue and red, plus two of the Ann Ferren Conference logo colors, as this is one of the biggest events organized by CTRL and anybody familiar with AU can recognize it. Also, the new logo had to somehow tie into the AU logo, so that they would look good when used together on marketing materials.

Of the Ann Ferren Conference logo colors, I chose orange and green so they would form a tetradic color scheme with the red and blue. I chose a serif font with some quirk to it so it would still harmonize with Garamond (the typeface in the AU logo) but also have its own character and a more playful personality. I cropped the letters within the squares to make them more visually interesting and I didn’t center them to create some tension.

Below the mark is the whole name spelled out (some people may not know what CTRL stands for). This is set in Adobe Garamond Pro, per university guidelines.

The logo was embossed on a pocket folder. I also created an accompanying bookmark featuring the logo on the front and carrying information about the different CTRL departments on the back. Both the folder and the bookmark were distributed to attendants of the 24th Ann Ferren Conference on Teaching, Research and Learning that took place on January 11, 2013 at American University.


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